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Hotel Lobby Flowers: Big & Beautiful

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W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale

Hotel lobbies (at least in nice hotels) often display some of the most artistic and elaborate flower arrangements you’ll encounter. Typically, a very striking feature of hotel lobby floral arrangements is their scale – they’re usually impressively large. Sometimes they’ll actually be made up of several smaller floral arrangements grouped together to create one big display. The arrangements above were in the lobby of the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale on March 29. A photo of one of the smaller arrangements at the base of the larger display is below. The colors and flowers used give off a tropical vibe – very local and fresh.

W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale

The Plaza Hotel in New York City always has big, beautiful arrangements decorating the lobby. The below photos are of a recent floral display there. The scale of these arrangements, individually and especially when grouped together, is really impressive. The use of the silver containers makes the arrangements seem grander than if they were in standard glass vases, and I love how the use of different types of flowers all in a pink monochromatic tone exudes spring.

The Plaza, NYC

The Plaza, NYC

The Plaza, NYC

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